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This blog (often abbreviated to “WoCC”) collects photos of Cosplayers, Models and Celebrities dressed as comicbook characters. When this blog was created, there seemed such a wealth of Manga/Anime/Game cosplay sites and blogs but not enough for western comicbook characters.

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Regardless of your dress size, color, orientation, height, taste in takeaway foods etc, you are welcome to submit your cosplay here at WoCC. Come one, come all.

As long as you’re a female cosplaying a western comicbook character (of either gender), you’re all good.

Photographers and MUAs are welcome to submit their work as long as the model is happy to be involved.

Feel free to add links to your website/social media pages/online stores etc when submitting.

If in doubt, ask.


The majority of images posted are no more or less graphic than anything you would find in your average comicbook and if it or anything about this blog offends you - go elsewhere.


This blog is run by Derek Fuego who also runs the Comicbook blog Derek Fuego Vs. Comics and admins Men of Comicbook Cosplay with the glorious costumer misskatequinn.

Derek was born in the wilds of the East of England and can be found on most days locked in his office, clutching a mug of Coffee, surrounded by boxes of Comics, mumbling obscenities under his breath.

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If you would like to help support WoCC, there are several things you can do to help.

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