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Comic Book Cosplayers!


Would you like to put your cosplay abilities to use for a good cause?

Project Pixie Dust could use your help. :)

We’re (right now!) a small group of people - cosplayers, character actors , ( anyone with a good heart, honestly. There’s a place for everyone here - costume not required!) and party princesses, who are trying to make a difference in the lives of those with hydrocephalus.  

It’s a cause very close to my heart — I was diagnosed with condition when I was around 2 weeks old, and have lived with it my whole life. 

Hydrocephalus in an incurable brain condition, and is the most common reason for brain surgery in infants.   Around 1-2 children, out of every 500 born, will have the condition. (That statistic doesn’t factor in people who acquire it later in life, either.   However, for a condition that seems so common - hardly anyone knows anything about it. Which, can be problematic for young children.  Usually, unless the parents come forward to educate the teachers and other students in the class… they won’t know anything about the condition. In turn, sometimes that can cause children to feel “different.” Especially for some who may be affected more, or have more special needs than others. 

Our goal here, with Project Pixie Dust, is to help with that. We want to make a collection of short, “in character” video messages for these children.  Maybe the character has had to overcome issues of their own.   Maybe they struggled with being different, but realized that they actually liked being different. Or maybe they just really admire the child watching, and want to tell them that. 

Another way we could go with the comic book characters….   I know that in DC comics, people with superpowers are referred to as ‘metahumans.’ Maybe the characters can talk/act like the kids at home who are watching are new metas, trying to figure out how to deal with their powers? Not sure about the Marvel universe, I don’t read any Marvel comics… but the X-Men would be great characters to do.  They’re all mutants. Magneto and Professor X would be wonderful, wonderful choices.   And, at least, movie universe Rogue. Remember how she so badly wanted to go for the cure? I have no idea if that’s comic canon - but we could mesh movie canon in with comic book canon… at least for this project. 

The hope is, that these kids; by seeing that their favorite characters, know about their condition, feel less alone. It may give them a smile for a moment, or even hope. You’d be surprised how much it can help just knowing that someone is there, and that they understand.

If you’d like to be involved, we’d love to have you. Please, send me a message here on Tumblr, or shoot an email over to . 

Thank you, so much for taking the time to read this.  And, we hope everyone has a magical day. :) 


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