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WoCC 2013 Calendar Submission FAQ

We’ve had a few questions about the 2013 calendar so I thought I’d cover everything in one go…

I know someone that would be perfect for the calendar, can I tell them about it?

Please do let them now about the calendar and urge them to submit their work

Do I have to submit more than one character?

No, you don’t have to. The more you submit the better the odds of selection though. 

I’m afraid my work isn’t good enough for the calendar

Poppycock! Everything that is submitted is considered

I was one of last year’s calendar models, can I still submit?

Absolutely, but please submit different images than last year.

I’m a photographer, can I submit photos of models I’ve taken photos of?

Only with the model’s strict consent.

I don’t have all the photos I want to submit ready yet

You’re free to submit some now and some later when they’re ready

Where can I keep up to date on news about the calendar?

All calendar related posts are tagged with #calendar2013. Click here for all these posts.

I think that’s all. I’ll do further FAQs or an updated one should anything else come up.

Remember, if in doubt please ask. You can contact us via TumblrFacebookTwitter, or email.

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WoCC News 11th May 2012 - Calendar Capers

Last year we produced the 2012 Women of Comicbook Cosplay calendar. It proved very popular. It made next to no profit but then it was never about that. It was a dream project that helped Women of Comicbook Cosplay with its primary mission; to showcase and promote female comicbook cosplayers and the art of cosplay itself.

Due to its success we are happy to announce that we are producing a 2013 Women of Comicbook Cosplay calendar.

At this time we are looking at publishing it through our Cafepress store again as it went well last year.

All calendar submissions should be sent here

If you’re interested in being featured, please provide the following:

  • Photos of yourself cosplaying. Photos should be no smaller than 1500px down the longest side. The more photos you submit, the better a chance you have of being selected. Photos can be of multiple characters or several shots of the same character.
  • credit (name, website etc) for the model (you) and the photographer
  • which month you would prefer to be featured on (also provide secondary choices if possible). Not everyone will get the month they want but we will try to suit everyone as best we can.
  • Express permission (from yourself and photographer) that we are able to use your photo for the purposes of the calendar

The calendar cannot happen without your submissions, please get your photos (and details as noted above) sent in by August 15th 2012. We had quite a few late comers turned away because they missed the deadline last year.

This year is slightly different as well because we are having a WoCC 2013 calendar cover girl contest!

Once all the submissions are in and the twelve months have been chosen, they will be put up for vote via the WoCC Facebook page so that you can choose who will adorn the front cover of the calendar.


If in doubt you can contact us via Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Due to copyright laws, we won’t print anything that has trademarked names etc on it.

Photos may be cropped and/or edited to suit the size of the calendar.

All photo submissions are seen as donations. We are unable to supply any free copies of the calendar.

Please feel free to like, reblog, tweet and/or share this post.

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