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WoCC News 23rd December 2011

Christmas will soon be upon us. I’m not going to be online very much for the next week so I figured that it was time again for a quick round up of the WoCC goings on. As always WoCC has a humongous post queue set to publish four times a day so worry ye not. Even though I’m not at the helm for a bit, it’s business as usual.

Follower Survey - “Open Season” 

Here’s a quick response to the survey.

- Submissions are published if they meet submission criteria (as detailed on the about page). Sometimes submissions get spread out over the post queue to avoid spamming and therefore won’t show up immediately. More often than not I push submissions to the top of the queue.

- I encourage EVERYONE to submit their cosplays. Size isn’t an issue.

- I’d love to flesh out the resources page and make it a handy directory of places to get help, products and inspiration for cosplaying. If anyone can recommend websites to be added, that would be helpful.

Tate Gate

After the voting scandal earlier this month that left disappointment in it’s wake and several ruffled feathers, the following will become standard practise (as of January 1st 2012). WoCC (via either it’s blog or Facebook Page) will no longer publish or recommend any details, person, group, website or other entity that relates to online voting or competition.

WoCC will of course continue to publish details of events (charity and othewise), get togethers and other cosplay related items of interest on the events page.

A big thanks to everyone (regardless of your point of view) that spoke up and had their say on this matter.


I’m working on a comprehensive FAQ page. Hopefully when it’s ready it will help to clarify some points.

Video Nasty

Some of you may remember me mentioning that I was planning a WoCC Christmas video message. Sorry folks, time didn’t allow it. Maybe in the new year I’ll treat frighten you all with a video or two.


A big thanks to everyone that has followed, reblogged, liked, tweeted, mentioned, promo-ed, and submitted to WoCC. A special thanks goes out to all twelve of WoCC’s amazing calendar girls who donated their beautiful cosplay photos to the project.

I’ll see you all in the new year. Have a wonderful festive holiday season and remember folks, if you can’t be good, be careful! 

~ Del x

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