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Donna Troy, Wonder Woman

Photos by Paul Cory, Wonder Woman Universe Shoot, Dragon*Con 2012

01.17.13 193


A friend passed these on to me, over a month after the party. So, belatedly, here is Maya, Jenn, Christine and Gil being our usual super selves.

In the dark it was harder to tell the Ms. Marvels apart and I think I touched Gil’s butt when I meant to touch Christine’s. Oopsies, I need a superpower for that.

- Jenn

Photo credit goes to the awesome Paul Hillier, who also has a tumblr here.

12.06.12 176


More Huntress and Q.

More photos by Kevin from FanExpo 2010, full gallery here :) 

09.30.12 437


Probably the last of my Sweater!Power Girl photos.

Costume inspired by art from haniemohd.
Costume made and worn by me.
Photos taken by Jenn of the Dangerous Ladies

12.11.11 40
Zoom dangerous-ladies:

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