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The SDCC Protest - Be Involved, Even if You’re Not Going!

SDCC protest Facebook event page

As you’re probably aware by now, the Harleypalooza meetup at SDCC 2011 ( will also be a playful protest against Harley’s new design for Suicide Squad in the upcoming DCNU reboot. We want to have fun with this and not make it too serious or heavy - but keep it to Harley’s joking spirit whilst letting our feelings be known at the same time!

Even if you can’t come to SDCC we would like you to be a part of the protest if you want. Trini Quinn is compiling a banner of photos of other HQ cosplayers from around the world that we will carry so you can be there “in spirit”.
If you want to take part, please send a photo of you in your classic Harley
costume to:

The banner needs to be ready by the 13th July so please send your photos off immediately! Trini has asked all photos be of the classic costume Harley. If you want to include yourself holding a banner, then please do so - but remember SDCC is a FAMILY event and do NOT use any swear words or words like ‘slut’, ‘whore’, etc.
*Offensive signs may be confiscated by convention officials or we may even be asked to leave.*

Another thing we’re doing is compiling a video of fan reactions. If you have the resources, film yourself reacting to the new design and send the video clip to me at:

The finished video will be put up on my youtube channel (636 subscribers)
and used to generate more interest in our campaign.

Remember: we are keeping the focus here on FUN. Try to make your video playful and light-hearted whilst still being sincere about your feelings.
Please DO NOT use the following words in your video:
- Slut, skank, whore, tramp, trash, hooker, cheap, tart, prostitute,
stripper, hussy
- Any swear words
The main reason being is that we’re trying to keep this family-friendly
ESPECIALLY as a bit of media interest has begun and we want MORE. The other reason is those words are mean and unimaginative and you can come up with something far more creative!
Videos that use those words will not make it into the finished product!

Finally, if you are coming to Harleypalooza and you are cosplaying as the
new design - don’t be afraid!!!!! We will still welcome you with open arms.
ALL Harleys are welcome. We understand totally that cosplayers may want to wear this costume - we are just trying to communicate to DC that we don’t want this change to last! So please still feel free to come along to
Harleypalooza, you will be included and no one will pick on you.

That’s all for now! Please get cracking on your photos and videos, we’d love for everyone to be involved!


Soooo tempted to do a video 

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