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The twelve embodiments of awesome representing MoCC in 2014 have been chosen and notified. It is our pleasure to announce our 2014 line up.

JANUARY Ryan Turney - Spider-Man

FEBRUARY Eric Schumacher - Red Lantern (Hal Jordan)

MARCH Terrance Thompson - Green Lantern (John Stewart)

APRIL Brent Collins - Judge Dredd

MAY Rick Stafford - Aquaman

JUNE Taylor Brandon - Plastic Man

JULY Víctor Castaño Díaz - Riddler

AUGUST Eric Cajiuat - The Penguin

SEPTEMBER Jordan Michael Brinkman - Wolverine

OCTOBER Nelson D. Martinez - X-Force Deadpool

NOVEMBER Trey Barkley - Joker

DECEMBER Carlos M. Blanchard - Nightwing


You, yes you!

You get to decide which of the twelve Men of Comicbook Cosplay get the be the cover star of the 2014 calendar.

Visit the gallery we have set up on the MoCC Facebook page HERE and “like" the cosplayer you think should adorn the cover of the calendar.

  • You are free to like as many of the images as you want
  • Only likes within that gallery count
  • Voting closes 18th October 2013

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WoCC News 31st July 2013


The Women of Comicbook Cosplay 2014 Calendar will be available at the end of this week!

It will be available in both Premium (13.5x19) and Standard (11x17) editions! Each edition has it’s own cover starring Ani-Mia as latex Rogue.

Full details and images will be hitting the blog in the next few days.


We have just hop, skipped and jumped past 17,500 followers. Thanks to everyone that has followed, submitted or otherwise helped WoCC grow. 

Also thanks to all our staff here and at MoCC [comicbookcosplaymen.tumblr.com]. Andy, Sandra, Mad Maven and Mrs. Raggedy Doctor - you’re top banana!

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As Women of Comicbook Cosplay grows an flourishes, our twin blog. Men of Comicbook Cosplay has fallen by the way side.

We’re looking for volunteers to fill a number of roles within the relaunch and future of Men of Comicbook Cosplay.

Email us at: comicbookcosplay@gmail.com 

Let us know your name, your social media sites/blogs and why you think you should be considered.

(Applicants must have a good working knowledge of Tumblr, Facebook - specifically page management - and Twitter).

Roles are not gender specific.

Come one, come all!

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New WoCC Army Recruit!

Women of Comicbook Cosplay is very pleased to announce that Ms. Luna [facebook.com/MsLunaMoon] has joined our ranks as our UK convention photographer.

Look out for her at upcoming UK shows!

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Here it is folks, the big reveal of exactly who is going to adorn the twelve full colour pages of our 2014 calendar…

January Neferet - Cosplayer & Cosmaker - Raven

February Echoing Artemis - Nightwing

March Jennifer Van Damsel - Black Widow

April Alouette - Catwoman

May Lola Marie - Zatanna

June Yashuntafun - Kitty Pryde

July Fire Lily Cosplay - Silk Spectre

August Alien Queen - Joker

September Celeste Tapia  - Scarlet Witch

October Ani-Mia - Rogue

November Galacticat - Squirrel Girl

December Constantine In Tokyo - Emma Frost

A BIG thanks to everybody that submitted their photos.

If you didn’t get selected, please don’t be disheartened. The overall quality of submissions was so high, you should all be very proud of yourselves for producing such wonderful work. Sadly we could only choose twelve models and it was incredibly difficult to choose between you all. 

Thanks also to Mrs. Fuego, Anthony Silva from Comic Issues Podcast [comic-issues.com] and Andy Rocket [facebook.com/AndyRocketCosplays] for being our calendar panel - couldn’t have made the decisions without your invaluable input!

Voting for the 2014 cover girl will start later this week on our Facebook page [facebook.com/comicbookcosplay].

Details will be posted here when voting starts.

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2014 calendar submissions close May 1st!

That’s just over a week away folks. If you would like to be considered, please see the requirements/guidelines here: comicbookcosplay.tumblr.com/calendar

No way, Man

Looks like the Men of Comicbook Cosplay calendar is going to be called off due to lack of interest. Thanks to the few that did submit. If we get a surge of submissions it may still happen (but I won’t hold my breath).

FCBD - May 4th

We want you to support your local comic store!

If you’re cosplaying for Free Comic Book Day, submit a photo of you and/or your friends in costume at your local store on May 4th with the tag #fcbd and we’ll post it straight away.

If you provide details of the store, we’ll link them and give them a shoutout.

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WoCC 2014 Calendar Submissions close on 1st May

That’s LESS THAN a month away. 

If you’re interested, please look over the requirements/guidelines here: comicbookcosplay.tumblr.com/calendar
If you’re not interested but know someone you think might be, please do pass the link on or share/reblog/retweet this post.

15 applicants were turned down last year because they missed the deadline, many of which would have been seriously considered had they been on time.

If you have any questions not covered by the requirements/guidelines, please ask here or email comicbookcosplay@gmail.com


- Derek Fuego: WoCC Op

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At MEGACON this weekend?

Look out for Women of Comicbook Cosplay's content creator/intrepid reporter, ANDY ROCKET [Website|Facebook|Tumblr|Twitter]

If you see her on the con floor, please say hey.

Even better, have your photo taken with Andy and we’ll post the photo in a special Megacon gallery on our Facebook page [facebook.com/comicbookcosplayand then once we have enough, a photoset on the blog itself.

Send your photos to comicbookcosplay@gmail.com

You don’t need to be a cosplayer or in costume to do this, anyone is welcome!

Please of course respect that Andy may be interviewing or be otherwise busy so be polite and ask if it’s okay before you start snapping.

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WoCC News 12th February 2013 - Smile, I’ll make you famous!

Hey everyone!

This is Andy, the content creator for the Facebook Page. This is a big announcement for me (and I hope for all of you!) that I have been waiting on for a little while to finally tell everyone. I’m especially excited to tell everyone on the mark of my first month of officially collaborating with Derek here at WoCC.

I’m excited to say that I’ll begin to do interviews of cosplayers at upcoming conventions around the United States. Derek and I are going through the final steps of preparation, and right now I’m planning for the first series of interviews to be at Megacon in Orlando, Florida, on March 15th - 17th. I plan to ask all the costume creating questions for all the cosplay enthusiasts, and also ask fun questions about the source material itself, the comics!

I hope you all are excited as I am, and I can’t wait to announce the lovely ladies that will be interviewed as the dates come closer!

- Lots of comic book love, Andy Rocket

02.12.13 10
WoCC News 18th January 2013 - Video Killed the Radio Star

Just a small one from the news desk here at WoCC Towers…


We’ve set up a new email account for when you guys need to contact us outside of the usual social networks etc - comicbookcosplay@gmail.com - please update your address books.


When setting up the new email, the thought bubbled up that maybe a proper WoCC YouTube channel might be a good idea - so we set one up. Please feel free to subscribe and what not: youtube.com/user/comicbookcosplay

There’s not much content right now but the idea is to fill it over time when we stumble across WoCC related and Cosplay related goodness. If you have anything you would like us to add to it, please let us know at our shiny, new address: comicbookcosplay@gmail.com


For those that didn’t hear already, the delectable Andy Rocket Cosplays [Website|Facebook|Tumblr|Twitter] has been recruited to be a content creator on our Facebook page [facebook.com/comicbookcosplay].

Big thanks to her for everything she does for WoCC, she’s been working behind the scenes for a long while and it’s always appreciated. 


A quick reminder that on February 1st (two weeks today!) the 2013 calendar is being retired (click here to buy your copy) and submissions for the 2014 calendar will be opening. Submission details will be published next week! Who’s excited?

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WoCC News 9th January 2013 - Here we go again


As promised on the WoCC Facebook page [facebook.com/comicbookcosplay] and twitter feed [twitter.com/WoCCblog] earlier today, here is some tasty calendar news for you…

The Women of Comicbook Cosplay 2013 calendar is due to be retired on February 1st. As the old saying goes, “As one door closes, another one opens”.

That same day, submissions for our 2014 calendar will open!

That’s right, as of February 1st, you will be able to submit your work to our 2014 calendar. In previous years submissions have opened much later (it was June last year) but this way it gives the whole process more time and consideration. 

Submission details and guidelines will be posted later this month. In the meantime, if anyone has any questions, please hit up our ask box [comicbookcosplay.tumblr.com/ask] and we’ll do our best to answer you asap.

In other calendar related news, this year’s submissions will be looked over by a panel of judges as well as myself. I will have the final say but it’s nice to have some other opinions in the mix.

~ Derek Fuego: WoCC Op

Random movie quote: “There’s no rule that says that when you’re kidnapping, you can’t be cordial and nice.

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WoCC News 23rd October 2012

A news round up and a half folks… hang on to your essentials, here we go…


I’m happy to announce that we have passed the landmark 10,000 followers. Thanks to everyone that has helped make this happen!


From now until 31st October, if you submit your Halloween costumes and use the halloween tag, your photo will be published as soon as we see it. Normal submission rules apply (must be a western comicbook character, you must be a female cosplayer, male or females characters welcome).


Still available and very popular, the Women of Comicbook Cosplay 2013 calendar can be purchased here: http://goo.gl/mO5Ke

The coupon code “OCTCALENDARS12” will get you 25% off your calendar order during October! Only a week left on that code so jump to it!

The calendar will only be available until January 1st. 

10.23.12 6
Calendar update 1st October 2012

If you have yet to purchase the Women of Comicbook Cosplay 2013 calendar (available HERE), you can get 20% off your orders until 5th October using the code, “PLUMA”.

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Calendar update 29th September 2012


The 2013 Women of Comicbook Cosplay calendar is available via Lulu.com here and will be available until the end of December.


Anyone having problems with the 25% off coupon code, “SEPCALENDARS12” should try, “COLOSSUS” instead for 20% off. Codes may be regional and may not be applicable to everyone.


Always feel free to ask via Tumblr, email or anywhere else we lurk 


Those that have already purchased their calendar, we’d love to see a photo or video of you showing us your favourite month in the calendar. We’ll publish anything we get sent here on the blog and on our Facebook page [facebook.com/comicbookcosplay].


We have already been in contact with several models that are interested in submitting for 2014 already!

~ Derek Fuego: WoCC Op

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IT IS THE SECOND COMING and the Women of Comicbook Cosplay 2013 calendar is AVAILABLE… AGAIN!


The coupon code “SEPCALENDARS12” will get everyone 25% off their calendar order during September!

This new edition of the calendar boasts:

  • US/UK/German public holidays
  • Birthdays added for the models and WoCC itself
  • 13.5 x 19 inches (instead of 11 x 17 from Cafepress)

The 2013 Women of Comicbook Cosplay calendar models are:

January Stacey Rebecca - Psylocke

February Liechee - Harley Quinn

March Kitty Honey (A.K.A Urara Neko) - Ms. Marvel

April Jean Gomez - Wonder Woman

May knightess-rouge - Batgirl

June It’s Raining Neon - Black Widow

July Marie Grey - Black Canary

August Scarlett Sith - Poison Ivy

September Bethany Maddock  - Catwoman

October Destiny Nickelsen - Black Cat

November Freddie Nova - Venom

December Lopti - Jotun Loki

My absolute gratitude to all the models, photographers, supporters, and friends that have contributed to this project. You’re all truly wonderful!

09.26.12 722